Your November Glean update: Focus Time, Chrome extensions and key resources!

Want to keep up to date with all of Glean’s new features, training and best practice? Our ongoing series will help you become a Glean expert and improve student experience.

02nd November 2021, 06:00PM (Coordinated Universal Time)

Your November Glean update: Focus Time, Chrome extensions and key resources!

Why attend?

In the 2nd of our new webinar series we’ll take you through the new features, show you how Glean can be used more effectively and enhance your students’ learning experience.

  • See brand new features in action and learn how they can enhance your students’ learning.
  • Get advice from peers and Glean experts on how to make the most out of your investment in Glean.
  • Be the first to access new training resources and have your questions answered.

What we’ll cover this month:

Brand new: Focus Timer & upcoming product releases Find out how students can learn more effectively and efficiently and create detailed study resources & get a chance to see our product roadmap.

Best practice: How to use Chrome extensions with Glean We'll demonstrate how you can further enhance your Glean experience by utilising a range of free web browser extensions.

Overview of the resources & where to find them Here at Glean we have many resources available for admins, but do you know where to find them all? We’ll take you through our online resources so everything you need is close at hand.

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Our Panel

Cora McIlwain

Cora McIlwain

Customer Success Manager, Glean

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