The note taking and study tool rooted in learning science that empowers independent learning.

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  • Meet compliance standards by offering the #1 chosen note taking accommodation
  • Capture everything from class with Audio Recording and Live Captions
  • Organize notes with Labels and Tasks
  • Refine knowledge with AI-powered Quiz Me and Transcription
  • Be compliant from day one of semester: manage licences and usage easily with Glean's easy-to-use admin portal
  • Get world class onboarding, training, and support from our team of experts
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Site Wide

Support strategic plans and improve campus accessibility by providing Glean to all students.

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✨ New for 2024 ✨

Everything from Department, plus...

  • Provide Glean to all students on campus, including the 65% of students with disabilities that won't request support
  • Drive 'accessibility for all' with UDL principles and support your institution's strategic plan
  • Headache-free user management with Just-in-Time provisioning
  • Launch support including personalized marketing toolkits & student onboarding and training sessions
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What's included?

Features Department Site Wide
User Management
Glean access for your department's students
Glean access for every student on campus
Track usage history
Personalized data insights & dashboards

We'll work with you to provide the data most useful for your institution.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Anonymous note sharing between different students, where one is assigned as a designated note taker. 

Just-In-Time Provisioning

Just-in-Time provisioning enables users to sign up without needing an invitation from a Glean admin.

Provide peer notes with Shared Collections

Anonymous note sharing between different students, where one is assigned as a designated note taker. 

Training & Support
Student Onboarding Program
Admin and Faculty Training
Training Webinars
Success Plans
Personalized Marketing support

We provide resources and collaborate with your marketing and other relevant departments to ensure a successful launch across campus.

Bespoke stakeholder onboarding and training

We host additional calls with key stakeholders across your campus to get buy in and show the benefit of Glean for all.

Note taking
Record Audio in person or online
Take notes, add images, and import slides
Transcribe audio

Generate transcripts for your recordings after class and build out complete sets of notes.

Take handwritten notes with Scribble

Capture class content that isn’t easily typed like diagrams, graphs, and sketches - especially useful for STEM and healthcare students!

Multi-language Live Captions

View captions that are generated live as students record a class. Available in multiple languages.

No Download Required
Glean is a web application that can be accessed through any laptop or desktop computer via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
Works Offline
Compatible across devices
Glean is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebook.

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Does Glean have transcription?

Yes, users on either an Individual or Glean for Education plan have the ability to transcribe their recordings after class.  

Does Glean work offline?

Yes. Glean synchronises any recordings taken offline when an internet connection is live and Glean is active. Once logged in, a user can go offline for a period of up to 30 days, at which point re-authentication will be required to use the software. This also applies if a user manually logs out.

Is Glean accessible?

Accessibility is at the heart of Glean and will always be a key focus of ours. Glean has internal accessibility champions and also works with external experts to continuously improve the accessibility of the Glean software and Glean websites. A copy of our current Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) which reports on our conformity with WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (USA), are available at: For more information, please read this article.

What is Glean's licensing model?

Institutional buyers can purchase any number of licenses required, above a minimum of five. Our pricing structure ensures that the more licenses you purchase, or the longer you purchase them for, the cheaper they become on a cost-per-license basis.

Can I claim tax back after purchasing Glean if I am exempt?

The process to claim tax back will vary depending on how you purchased Glean.

Please refer to the footer of your email confirmation / payment receipt. If you purchased Glean with our FastSpring payment system, it will specify, in bold, that FastSpring processed the payment.

If that’s the case, please head over to this page and select 'yes, I have already purchased’.

For all other purchases, please contact and we can assist you.

Can I set up a tax-exempt order when purchasing Glean?

Yes, you will need to head over to FastSpring, the payment platform we use. Please fill out this page and select ‘No, I have not purchased yet’.

You will also need the following information:

  • The name of the product (link or screenshot with the product name and price)

  • Product quantity

  • Product price as seen on checkout page

  • Purchaser’s full name (first and last)

  • Purchaser’s email address

  • Purchaser’s billing address including zip/postal code

  • A copy of the tax-exemption document, either in PDF or an image format

Do you have a Glean licence to redeem?

Please visit our Redeem Licence page to enter your key and activate your Glean licence.

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