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Learn vital life-long skills without relying on others to take notes for you.

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Lots of students experience barriers to learning


Glean makes learning more accessible by supporting learners overcome common challenges


WEBVEC ICO_mh fall behind

Struggles with organisation and concentration

WEBVEC ICO_mh overwhelm

Information processing, cognitive overload, and connecting materials to prior learning

WEBVEC ICO_mh concentrate

Relying on others to take notes for you

85% of students feel more confident using Glean



Take notes your way

Feel confident you can capture everything from class and study independently.

Capture everything and engage in the moment

  • Never miss any class content again by recording everything and matching it up with the lecture slides.
  • Label key moments to return to, and highlight sections that require a second read-through.
  • Lightning Mode reduces cognitive overload.
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Easily return at your own pace

  • Playback and repeat sections as often as needed.
  • Add more detail through extra notes, images, definitions, and more.
  • Organise classes into collections so they are easy to find.

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Engage with content your way

  • Generate a transcript after class if you prefer reading.
  • Adjust playback speed.
  • Apply audio filters to boost clarity.
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Glean supports learners at over 700 institutions globally

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Confident note takers make confident students. Whether with a small group of students or the entire campus, we’ll help you achieve your organization’s learning goals with Glean.

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Questions? We have answers!

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Is Glean accessible?

At Glean, accessibility is core to our vision of creating an accessible study tool for everyone. We strive to make Glean usable by people with diverse abilities through practices like:

  • Rigorously testing Glean with leading screen readers to ensure full compatibility and an optimal experience for blind and low vision users.
  • Carefully designing all interface text to meet WCAG 2 Level AA standards, the globally recognized benchmark for accessible web content.
  • Building keyboard accessibility into Glean from the ground up, so the assistant can be operated fully without a mouse.

Our commitment to accessibility runs deep. We consult with experts, listen to user feedback, and continually refine Glean to make AI as inclusive as possible.

Learn more about our approach to accessibility and using Glean with assistive technologies on our Help Center.

Will Glean work on the device I use?

Access Glean anywhere with cross-device compatibility.

Use Glean directly on your Chromebook, Mac, or Windows laptop or desktop. Our mobile is available on iOS and Android phones, as well as tablets.

With support for leading platforms, you can enjoy Glean whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Glean fits your lifestyle and works on the devices you use every day.

How does transcription work in Glean?

After you've logged in to Glean, you're free to use the app with or without an internet connection.

If you're working in offline mode, your recordings will sync to your account whenever you're next online.

Can I record audio online with Glean?

You definitely can! Glean can be used during online classes using Zoom or other platforms.

How easy is Glean to use?

Glean is designed to be easy to use. We typically find that our users can get up and running in several minutes.