Learning is hard

There are

250 million learners

in Higher Education



But only

42% actually graduate.


These are big numbers, but they represent real people’s potential going to waste. And the frustrating part is that we all recognise what gets in the way of effective learning.

We’ve worked with students for nearly two decades and come across the same challenges time and time again.

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Stress and burnout

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Classroom environment

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Personal challenges

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Studying itself

We don’t want to make learning less challenging - that’s the good bit (it’s how it sticks).

We want to help you be a better learner.

Our Mission

We're driven to unlock human potential through technology that empowers individuals to learn confidently and effectively from the world's content.

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Information is everywhere

We create tools to help turn it into knowledge.

Learning challenges affect millions

We apply learning science to support all learners.

Dropout is preventable

We use human-centric design to boost confidence and ability.

Our Big Idea

The Learning Loop


The Learning Loop scaffolds the best way to capture and retain information from class.

It’s based on decades of learning research, and it comes down to four simple steps.

CORA Learning Process, Capture, Organise, Refine, Apply

It’s designed to ingrain good study habits and structure the process of learning to support learners of all abilities.


The Bigger Impact

The numbers people


The learning loop solves real challenges for real learners.
Since 2007, we’ve helped students to pass a course, get a job, solve a problem, build their self-esteem, and ultimately realise their potential.

com page customers 700

Universities and colleges worldwide

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of users improve their grades in just one semester
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of users find learning less stressful
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of users believe they’re better learners
Want to know how we got here?

Our Big Idea

Individually talented,
with a shared spirit


At Glean, we all want to make a real impact. No one is just a cog in a wheel.
We’re pioneers, creators, and doers who spot potential and make it happen.

It all comes down to three key values:

Trust is foundational

Trust is everything. The trust we have with each other and with our customers is fundamental to what we do. So, we embed it into the heart of our culture.

This means we:

  • Act with integrity

  • Take responsibility for successes and failures

  • Proactively communicate our needs, expectations and boundaries
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Growth is a mindset

We succeed through our individual attitudes and our collective ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We want Glean to be a place where everyone can become their best selves.

This means we:

  • Aspire to reach our potential

  • Are resourceful in the face of challenge

  • Are continuously learning

The journey is best enjoyed together

Ours is a positive and inclusive environment which fosters meaningful connections between people, so we can have fun and be creative together.
This means:

  • We proactively build authentic relationships

  • We’re team players

  • We use creativity to make people smile

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Join the Glean Team

We’re an award-winning team because of the people in it.
You’d fit right in if you:

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