Overwhelmed by your workload? Glean's here to help

Tackle Higher Education at a pace that suits you by capturing everything from lectures and reviewing as often as you need.

Adapting to Higher Education can be stressful and overwhelming

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Feeling overwhelmed in fast-paced lectures and classes
WEBVEC ICO_mh fall behind
Finding it hard to organise and prioritise studies independently with less support
WEBVEC ICO_he lack training
Missing study skills training before entering Higher Education

90% of students say Glean has helped them get better grades

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Take the stress out of lectures

Glean makes information in class more manageable and lets you return to content effectively at a pace that suits you.

Capture everything from class and return at your own pace

  • Record classes and slides alongside one another so you can be sure you haven't missed a word.
  • Label important moments to review later or mark sections where you lost concentration.
  • Playback and repeat sections as often as needed, adding more detail through extra notes, images, definitions and more.

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Keep your content organised

  • Stay on top of deadlines by tracking tasks within Glean.
  • Ensure that all your class recordings are easy to find by organising them into Collections.
  • Find your content quickly by using Glean's Search function.
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Learn good study skills with a scaffolded learning process

  • Glean encourages a process of capturing information and returning to review and build knowledge.
  • Browse the Glean Skills Portal to learn how to take great notes.
  • Stay focused with timed study sessions.
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Glean supports learners at over 750 institutions globally

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