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Glean supports learners at over 750 institutions globally

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Learning from class is tough

If you've ever struggled to keep up in lectures, you're not alone. Here's why it's difficult.

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You can’t fully engage in class

It's nigh-on impossible to pay full attention in class and note everything down at the same time.

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You might miss important info

If you miss any important information, you can’t create effective study resources.

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You can't pick out the best bits

Full class recordings and transcripts are awkward to study from.

Glean fixes this

Glean’s simple study process helps you learn confidently and effectively from class.

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Loved by learners and educators alike

See what students and staff say about Glean.

“Because I was able to go back and listen to the notes better and go through it more thoroughly it gave me more confidence about what I was hearing from the professor.”
“Glean has been substantial in helping with my learning. I've improved my grade from a C- to an A.”
“You give that one time explanation, and you have to hope students have processed it. Glean helps to recall that information and my students really like that.”
“There are lots of issues with the teacher going really fast. It's really hard to listen and write, sometimes when I look back on my manual notes they're not useful at all.”
“There’s so much information in class. Even if students are sitting, listening and paying attention it’s still hard. There may be too much information for them to process. They may need to go back and listen 2-3 times for it to stick. Glean allows for that.”
"Handwritten notes didn't work for me. When I was introduced to Glean it really helped. Now I can listen to my teachers fully while Glean is recording my class."
"Students are increasingly anxious, and they’re already worried they can’t keep up with class. Telling my students they’re going to be able to capture the information with Glean reduces their anxiety. It’s like a security blanket."
"It was important that I could capture the information in my own way. Glean has been incredibly helpful to allow me to understand what and how I'm learning."

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