Leave no student behind: proactive support for all learners

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, hundreds, if not thousands of students on your campus need additional support.

Learn how to increase and improve support for more students on your campus. 

Enable more students to learn confidently


While institutions strive to support students with documented disabilities, the reality is that many students need help beyond those classifications.

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Advocate for inclusive learning


Pamela Farron, a Disability Services Coordinator at Berkshire Community College, observed a rise in student requests for accommodations like note taking, reading assistance, and extended testing time.

Due to a lack of documented disabilities, many requests had to be denied, causing frequent discomfort.

Pamela advocated for Glean to be implemented campus wide and can now help countless students who wouldn't have qualified for traditional accommodations.

Find out how you could help more students on your campus.

UDL for improved accessibility

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) expands the principles of accessibility and inclusion beyond physical spaces to the design of teaching and learning experiences to meet the needs of diverse students.

Think of it like those sidewalk curb cuts. Designed for accessibility, but they also make life easier for parents with strollers and people carrying heavy loads.

Implementing UDL principles and making assistive technology like Glean available across campus is the key to removing accessibility barriers and supporting more students.

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Make Glean available across your campus

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Improve access for all

Every student on your campus will get access to the Glean note taking tool - ensuring no student gets left behind.

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Help all students improve their results

84% of students using Glean improve their grades. Give more students the benefit of using Glean's scaffolded note taking process. 

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Support UDL efforts on campus

Enable more UDL experiences with Glean's rich feature set allowing students to engage with class materials by multiple means. 

"It has been my career goal to ensure everything is as universally accessible as possible to ALL students and this gets me one step closer to achieving that monumental goal."

Pamela Farron, Berkshire Community College

84 %

say they achieved better grades using Glean

86 %

became more confident learners using Glean

81 %

find studying less stressful using Glean

Meet your Site Wide implementation A-Team 🦸🦸‍♀️

Glean's Strategic Customer Success Managers are on hand to ensure your Site Wide rollout is a success.
  • Seamless integration: learn about our tools and resources for a smooth campus rollout

  • Marketing support: gain access to pre-made materials to promote Glean on campus

  • Bespoke stakeholder onboarding and training: additional calls with key stakeholders across your campus to get buy in and show the benefit of Glean for all



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Join your peers who are promoting UDL on campus

See what students are saying about Glean.

“I considered dropping out until you showed me how to learn effectively. I went from Cs to As”
"As I started incorporating the Glean app into my study routine, my performance improved significantly. By the final exam, I had achieved an A range. Glean truly made the learning process more efficient and effective for me.”
"Glean has been life-changing. My studying has been more efficient, as I spend much less time trying to play 'catch-up' and more time with actual, effective studying."
"I feel so much more confident about my work now. I probably would have struggled so much this last semester if I didn't have Glean. This kind of note taking is revolutionary! I'll use it whenever I can. "
"Between my ADHD, hectic schedule, and being a mom to 2, Glean has been an absolute lifesaver. I am forever grateful. Time is not often on my side so being able to have Glean in that way is amazing!"
"Glean was 100% my savior in not feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I had this tool that was helping me succeed.”


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