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Welcome to the Skills Portal

Welcome to the Glean Skills Portal. Here you'll find quick videos giving you an overview of the key functions of Glean, and how to get the most out of your lectures with a structured note taking process. Choose a category below to start, or watch our 4 minute overview video below:

Recording audio

Recording in-person lectures

How to record your lectures, and tag all of the key moments in Glean.

Recording online lectures

How to use Glean to take notes during online lectures.

Using recordings

Working with lecture slides

How to import and add presentation slides into your notes.

Playing back lectures

How to listen back to audio in Glean, adjust the playback speed, and utilise our audio clean up options.

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Putting notes in your own words connects the ideas from your lecture to your prior knowledge helping you learn better.

Transcribing lecture recordings

How to transcribe audio in Glean.

Adding definitions

Enrich your notes with more than just text and slides.

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Glean integrates with Wikipedia, and will search for and insert a snippet of the relevant article right into your notes.

Using Live Captions

Enable captions while recording.

Using Quiz Me

Engage in retrieval practice with multiple-choice quizzes.

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Quizzing yourself from your recordings helps you to become more confident in your understanding of the topic.

Organising notes

Organising events with Collections

How to manage all of your notes and stay organised, using Collections.

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Moving knowledge from working memory to long term memory is made easier when notes are organised.

Reading and exporting notes

A simple way to read your completed notes, and export them out of Glean into other formats.

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This focused mode helps ease your cognitive load when reviewing your notes.

Glean Mobile

Recording via the mobile app

How to take notes using the Glean Mobile app.

Playing back on the mobile app

How to listen back to audio in the Glean Mobile app, and access the various playback options available.