Never miss a thing in class

Glean lets you study confidently and effectively from class regardless of language barriers.

Glean addresses key challenges with studying in a new language

WEBVEC ICO_lang speak quick
Lecturers speaking too quickly or with strong accents
WEBVEC ICO_mh fall behind
Lacking confidence in language skills and worrying about falling behind
WEBVEC ICO_bal recall
Unfamiliar specialist vocabulary is often used

85% of learners feel more confident after using Glean


Study effectively from class

Make sure nothing is missed in class, return at your own pace, and adapt your content as you need.

Capture everything from lectures

  • Record classes with Glean so you know nothing is missed.
  • Label points you didn’t understand so they are easy to review later.
  • Search for and attach definitions of new words or terms to your recordings.
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Return after class at your own pace

  • Playback and repeat sections as often as needed.
  • Adjust playback speed and clean up audio to make speech clearer.
  • Convert recordings to transcripts for easier comprehension.
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Adapt as you need

  • Use your favourite translation plugins with Glean just like you would any website.
  • View notes in reading view to reduce distractions.
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Reduced stress. Improved confidence. Better grades.

Glean is helping thousands of learners like you get more from their classes and feel better about learning.

88 %

find studying less stressful using Glean

85 %

say Glean has helped them become a more confident learner

90 %

of users say Glean has helped them achieve better grades

Glean supports learners at over 750 institutions globally

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