Every day’s a school day

We didn’t write the book on continuous learning (but we probably read it).

We’re a team packed full of curious people, constantly looking for better, faster, downright ingenious ways of getting things done.

This culture of continuous learning empowers our colleagues to top up their knowledge with:

careers knowledge conferences

Conferences and events

careers knowledge courses

Courses and qualifications

careers knowledge communities

Communities and networks

careers knowledge apprenticeships

Apprenticeships and study leave

"It's the only place I've worked where personal development and ongoing learning is so consistently encouraged. In fact it's expected - courses, conferences, mentors etc. are integral to how we grow, it's not seen as a distraction from your day job."

Chrissie Leahy, Glean employee

Working 9-5, 10-6, 8-4...

We're all together from 10-4. Outside of that, your schedule is your own!

Work should work for you, so your wellbeing always comes first...



Truly flexible working

  • 33 days annual leave
  • 3 days gifted at Christmas
  • Buy, sell, and carry holiday over
  • Nomad working policy
  • Free city centre parking

Enhanced mat & pat leave

  • 26 weeks fully paid maternity leave + 4 weeks fully paid paternity leave with a following 4 weeks phased return to work at full pay (upon one year of service)

Health cash plan and EAP

  • Funding for: dentists, opticians, physiotherapy, wellbeing support...
  • Access to 24 hour GP
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Pension scheme

  • 6% employer contribution and minimum 2% employee contribution

The right people can be anywhere

Work happens where you’re effective. 
Feel creative in the office and focused at home? Other way around? 
Find out for yourself! 

  • Beautiful office space designed with work and play in mind 
  • Truly flexible working hours to fit around when you work best  
  • Full home set-up so hybrid working comes with no compromises
  • Remote worker travel allowance for in-person events
  • 15 day Nomad Working Policy for the adventurers
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Bring your whole self to work

We believe the best teams are the ones that bring together a breadth of lived experiences. We may not always be in the same room, but there are plenty of ways to connect over common interests and to share knowledge, whether online or at regular company events, department socials, and group learning opportunities.
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Our Big Idea

Individually talented,
with a shared spirit

Here at Glean, our driving force is to create a meaningful impact. We firmly believe that no one is merely a cog in a machine.

We are trailblazers, innovators, and achievers, consistently identifying potential and turning it into reality.

Ultimately, it boils down to three fundamental values:

Trust is foundational

Trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. It forms the foundation of our relationships with each other and our customers. We live and breathe trust, ensuring it permeates our culture.

This means we:

  • Demonstrate our integrity

  • Hold ourselves accountable for both triumphs and setbacks

  • Proactively communicate our needs, expectations, and boundaries
Glean Team working at desk
Glean Team member talking at event

Growth is a mindset

We thrive by embracing our own attitudes and coming together to conquer seemingly impossible obstacles. At Glean, we strive to create an environment where everyone can unleash their full potential.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Yearn to unleash our capabilities

  • Demonstrate resourcefulness in the face of adversity

  • Embrace a culture of constant learning

The journey is best enjoyed together

Welcome to our vibrant and inclusive community where we cultivate meaningful connections to ignite fun and creativity together.

This entails:

  • Actively forging genuine relationships

  • Embracing teamwork

  • Harnessing creativity to bring smiles to everyone's faces
Glean Team member at Glean party