Transforming Peer Notetaking with Glean's new feature

Allow students to anonymously share notes with ease

Find out how Glean’s new feature can set up peer note taking in 30 seconds and help to reduce the administrative burden on your office. Learn more here.

12th April 2023, 12:00PM (US Eastern Time)


What are some of the issues with traditional peer note taking?

  • Challenging to administer
  • Unreliable and of variable quality
  • Poor notes impacts learning
  • Creates dependence, not independence

Shared Collections allow you to seamlessly offer peer note taking support via Glean

They’re a means of sharing notes anonymously between two students - where one is a designated note taker, and the other a note recipient.

Compared to traditional support, Shared Collections drastically reduce the burden placed on admins and offer a much-improved experience for note takers and recipients alike.

By transforming peer notetaking with Shared Collections, you can improve accessibility, enhance collaborative learning and drastically reduce the burden placed on your office. 

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll deep dive into the benefits of Glean’s Shared Collections and how it can revolutionise peer notetaking and enhance the learning experience for both the peer notetaker and note recipient.  

Ready to transform note taking accommodations with Glean’s Shared Collections?

Our panel


Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Lead

What do students say about Glean?


of learners say that they have become less anxious students since using Glean.


of students say they can better manage an overload of information using Glean.

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