Discover Three Brand New Glean Features

Glean is proud to introduce three groundbreaking features to its product, each designed to revolutionise the way you manage and streamline your processes.

16th February 2023, 12:00PM (US Eastern Time)

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Glean’s latest update adds 3 game changing new features to the product. We’ve added these updates with you and your students in mind - helping you to streamline your processes and your students to take better notes in more contexts than ever before.

Join our webinar to witness these new features in action and discover how:

  • You can streamline your peer note taking process with the help of Shared Collections
  • Students can now import pre-recorded lectures and podcasts into Glean
  • Adding context to notes has never been easier

Reserve your spot today and be part of the evolution in note taking and learning efficiency with Glean's latest innovations!

About Glean transforming study habits and alleviating stress.

Glean is not just a tool, it's a transformative solution for students striving to enhance their learning skills and reduce stress. The impact of Glean on students' academic life is profound and well-documented, as highlighted by these compelling statistics.

Our panel


Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Lead

Key statistics


of the students say that using Glean has helped improve their study skills.


of users find studying less stressful with Glean.

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