How to set you and your students up for note taking success this Fall

Learn how to save your department time and money this Fall. Securing and monitoring peer notetakers is time consuming, can be expensive and complicated

29th June 2022, 13:00PM (US Eastern Time)

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Students with note taking accommodations often arrive at higher education expecting to receive a peer notetaker. While peer notetaking is a suitable accommodation for the right student, when provided to many students it can cause a huge administrative burden for your office.

Securing and monitoring peer notetakers is time consuming, can be expensive, and can cause compliance issues during those first weeks of term when you’re trying to source them. Not only that - peer notetaking does not help your students to take ownership of their study and learn the skill of note taking.

There is a better way - in this webinar you will learn:

  • How students with disabilities can improve their outcomes and learn important transferable skills with the help of assistive technology
  • How your department can use technology to ease the problem caused by peer notes
  • Why independent note taking can help students with disabilities improve how they learn
  • How Glean can help your department to save time and money, and help your students to become more confident note takers

Our panel


Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Manager

Thuyvi, Student at Texas Woman's University

English is my 2nd language so when lectures are given by visiting professors with strong accents, I have a hard time understanding them. With Glean, I can go back and re-listen to what they were saying and trying to teach me.”

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