How High Point University boost student engagement with Glean

Learn how High Point University gets students on board with Glean

15th June 2022, 13:00PM (US Eastern Time)

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As Fall semester approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to get students successfully set up with note taking support. Getting students to use the tools you set up for them can be difficult - but with clear, regular communication, and by creating a welcoming atmosphere in the Accessibility Resources & Services department, High Point University has seen their Glean usage rocket in the last 6 months.
In this webinar, Alex Hull from High Point University will share how her department successfully gets students using new technology, and share her playbook for communicating with students throughout the semester to boost student engagement.
In this free webinar you will learn:
- How to boost student engagement with Glean
- The importance of independent note taking
- How to plan your Glean roll out plan for Fall semester
- How Glean for Education can help you and your students be successful
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Our panel


Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Manager

Alex Hull

Accessibility Technology Specialist at High Point University

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