The 2023 Blueprint for Disability Services

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30th November 2022, 12:00PM (US Eastern Time)

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The landscape for disability services is shifting. 

Like never before, Disability Services is at the center of overlapping issues that require a campus-wide response:
  • The mental health crisis
  • A record number of students registering with disability services
  • A lack of resources to deal with the increased caseload

In Fall 2022, we surveyed Disability Services offices at 125 Higher Education institutions to discover how the community is approaching these problems. Our research showed a community preparing for the biggest challenges facing students, and a flexible mindset ready to adapt to anything.

Join this webinar to discover a blueprint for Disability Services offices in 2023. All attendees will receive a free whitepaper upon registration.

Also find out how UDL is being adopted:

“Pushing for accessible course material and incorporating DSS related tools that could be open to all students.”

“We definitely have technology that supports accessibility for all students, not just special education students. We also are making the assignments available through the computers and if needed we supply hard copies.”

“We have a UDL center that provides education/training regarding accessible materials and tech. The focus is on being proactive and having all materials accessible and usable before a class starts, not just when a specific student has an issue.”

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