How a study tool can impact grades and confidence

Do you want to discover our key findings from the Grades Challenge survey, which generated over 1000 responses? Sign up for the webinar to find out more.

19th April 2023, 13:00PM (US Eastern Time)


Learning is a process and everyone learns differently. For a lot of students, learning is a chore, which is why the US graduation rate sits at just 65%.

Combining poor study skills with the hard transition into college life means that students struggle to retain information, which leads to burnout and stress. 

That’s why we put together a survey to find out how using Glean has impacted students ability to make learning more accessible, effective and easy. 

Glean’s purpose is simple: make learning from class more accessible, effective and easy. Glean helps students to take notes independently, which as we’ve seen has been linked to student achievement. 

We wanted to know how well Glean was matching this purpose after one semester of use. How are learners navigating the learning experience? 

More specifically, we wanted to know: Does Glean create better learners and help students to achieve better grades?

We discovered that those that were impacted to most by Glean were the learners that were traditionally deemed ‘at risk’ including first year students and those who had a GPA of less than 2.

Want to discover our key findings from the survey, which generated over 1000 responses? Sign up for the webinar to find out more.

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Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Lead


Aneesha Aslam

Marketing Executive

What do students say about Glean?


“Using Glean has helped me become a more confident note taker”.


“Using Glean I find studying less stressful”.

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