How the University of Washington solved their peer notes problem and switched successfully to technology

Three years ago, the University of Washington was offering peer notetaking as its primary note taking accommodation.

24th February 2022, 13:00PM (US Eastern Time)

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The administrative burden on the office was huge, and it was near impossible to find peer notetakers for every student. On top of that, students receiving notes weren’t learning valuable note taking skills they could use beyond college.

Now, they serve note taking accommodations almost exclusively with technology. In 2021, they transitioned to Glean for Education, offering Glean to all students with note taking and audio recording accommodations.

Glean’s purpose is simple: make learning from class more accessible, effective and easy. Glean helps students to take notes independently, which as we’ve seen has been linked to student achievement. 

In this free webinar Dominic Evans from the University of Washington will discuss:

  • Why they moved away from peer notes
  • The importance of promoting independent note taking
  • How they successfully transitioned 150 students to a new tool in one semester
  • How Glean for Education is helping his department and students

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