How MiraCosta College prioritises independence & learning skills over peer notes with Glean

Learn how MiraCosta college gets students set up with new technology.

30th March 2022, 12:00PM (US Eastern Time)


Note taking is not a skill that students arrive at college with. In fact, 66% of students don’t believe they can use their notes to study and prepare for exams.

This is Aaron Holmes’ experience at MiraCosta College. Often students arriving from K-12 are so used to having a peer notetaker that they’ve never learned how to take notes. Driving student independence is a big priority for Student Accessibility Services at MiraCosta - so how do they help students learn the important skill of note taking?

In this free webinar Aaron Holmes from MiraCosta College joined us and discussed:

  • Why promoting independence is a priority for them
  • Why Glean is a great tool for students with poor note taking skills
  • How peer notes doesn’t prepare students for life beyond college
  • Why they loved using Glean and the outcomes for students so much that they’ve decided to upgrade to Glean for Education

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