Student Panel: Discover how Glean benefited them

We reached out to some students who have used Glean to help them to learn, and we spoke to them in a live panel discussion. Watch to find out more about their experiences

Original broadcast date:

24th May 2023, 12:00PM (US Eastern Time)


Watch as we host a panel of students who have used Glean to boost their academic performance.

We’ve built a study process into Glean that helps students to overcome common academic obstacles, and helps them to learn key study skills. CORA is a scaffolded process that helps students learn more effectively with note taking and reflection, no matter the learning environment they’re in.

During the event, the students share their personal experiences of using Glean and how it has empowered them to become better learners by helping them:

  • Capture their lectures 
  • Stay organised and manage their time more effectively
  • Refine information
  • Apply their knowledge

This webinar is a great chance to gain valuable insights about how the students have used Glean to reduce their stress and improve their grades.

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Our panel


Aneesha Aslam

Marketing Executive

Glean improves learning skills


of students say that attention and concentration is a blocker to their studies.


of students say that processing or remembering information is a blocker to their studies.

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