Note taking support made simpler with Glean

“99% of my students didn’t need help learning how to use Glean!”

See a full demo of Glean and learn how you can simplify your note taking support

7th September 2022, 12:00PM (US Eastern Time)

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Fall semester has started. Emails and meetings with students are coming thick and fast. Time is not on your side.

Is your note taking system helping you provide compliant support quickly?

4 reasons to move away from peer notetaking
  • Challenging to administer -Coordinating support is time consuming and complex.
  • Poor notes impacts learning - Studies show that better notes lead to better learning outcomes.
  • Unreliable and of variable quality - Poor quality or missing notes from peer notes affects compliance.
  • Creates dependence, not independence - Relying on peer notes limits the own student’s note taking skills.

With Glean, you can get students set up to take notes in minutes. Plus, with our training materials, students rarely need extra product training from your office!

See a full demo of Glean in this webinar and learn how you can simplify your note taking support.

Our panel


Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Manager

Thuyvi, Student at Texas Woman's University

“English is my 2nd language so when lectures are given by visiting professors with strong accents, I have a hard time understanding them. With Glean, I can go back and re-listen to what they were saying and trying to teach me.”

Amy Jobst, Assistant Director, Testing Center & Student Access at the University of Notre Dame

“We serve 104 students with note taking across 453 classes. Using Glean is a huge time saver for us compared to peer notes, which used to take most of my time.

Now, I’m freed up to do other work. This year, I’ve been able to work on our digital textbooks and text-to-speech options. That’s something that I’ve been able to take on because note taking is not such a time burden any more.”

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