Your April Glean update: What’s new in Glean so far in 2022?

Transcription, Audio Clean-Up, taking pictures on mobile, plus more!

20th April 2022, 06:00PM (Coordinated Universal Time)

Your April Glean update: What’s new in Glean so far in 2022?

Team Glean have been busy so far in 2022, adding so many great new features into the product - Transcription, Audio Clean-Up, and Task List, are just 3 of many new updates to Glean that make it a better product for your students.

In this webinar we’ll take you through all the new updates to Glean we’ve introduced this year, as well as sharing what we’re doing to make these new features even better in the coming months.

In this webinar you’ll learn about every new feature we’ve added into Glean so far this year, including:

  • The latest updates to Glean Transcription
  • How we’ve made Audio Clean-Up even more useful to students
  • The game changing update coming soon to Task List
  • How students using the mobile app can now add camera roll images to their notes
  • And more…

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Our Panel

Sam Robins

Sam Robins

Customer Success Manager

David Keating

David Keating

Technical Support Specialist

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