Capture everything from class

  • Record classes so you know nothing is missed.
  • Label points you didn’t understand so they are easy to review later.
  • Search for and attach definitions of new words or terms to your recordings.

88% of students find studying less stressful using Glean


Return after class at your own pace

  • Playback and repeat sections as often as needed.
  • Adjust playback speed and clean up audio to make speech clearer.
  • Convert recordings to transcripts for easier comprehension.

85% of learners say Glean has helped them become a more confident learner

Adapt as you need

  • Use your favourite translation plugins with Glean just like you would any website.
  • View notes in reading view to reduce distractions.

90% of users say Glean has helped them achieve better grades

Like what you see?

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Why not try Glean for yourself?

Ready to get the most out of class study? Start with a free trial, pay monthly, or save money with an annual licence.

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Want to give Glean to your students?

Support learners studying in a second or additional language. We'll provide training and admin tools.


Will Glean work on the device I use?

Glean is compatible with Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows. We also have a mobile app which works on both iOS and Android.

How does transcription work in Glean?

You can convert your audio recordings to text after class with Glean's transcription feature.

More information can be found here.

Can I record audio online with Glean?

Absolutely! Glean can be used during online classes using Zoom or other platforms.

How easy is Glean to use?

We find that our users get used to Glean pretty quickly. In fact it only takes students a few minutes to get going.

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