How do Live Captions work?

While recording a class or lecture, students can follow along via captions directly in Glean. When enabled, captions will appear a couple of lines at a time, and will disappear as new audio is recorded.


After class, students can still transcribe their whole class in the same way they do now. 
Key details about Live Captions

Key details about Live Captions

  • Available as an add-on for Glean for Education customers
  • Makes classes more accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing students
  • Captions will appear a couple of lines at a time
  • Students can request a full transcript after class

How do Live Captions add value for students?

Glean provides a comprehensive solution for note taking accommodations through Live Captions and other complementary product features. It allows you to streamline your tools without the need for a separate captioning service.


Support hard of hearing students

Live Captions means that deaf and hard of hearing students can now be supported with Glean, and benefit from our structured note taking process.

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Help learners maintain focus in class

Learners that find it difficult to focus in class benefit from captioning, meaning the app is now better suited for students who struggle with attention, concentration, and information processing.


How can you give your students access to Transcription in Glean?

How can you give your students access to Live Captions?

Live Captions are only available as an add-on to the Glean for Education package. If you’re already a Glean customer, speak to your Customer Success Manager about gaining access.

If you’re on another package such as Glean Teams, or are still using Sonocent Audio Notetaker, you can visit the link below to learn more about upgrading, or contact us directly.



We've put together a selection of FAQs to answer any questions you might have at this stage.

Will you be adding live transcription?

We are continually evolving how Glean makes in-class content more accessible based on student and department feedback. While there are no firm plans at this time, this is something we may introduce in the future. 

How accurate are Live Captions?

We cannot currently provide accuracy figures for Live Captions. Due to the potential variance in the acoustic quality of recordings, we need to analyse real-world performance over a large sample size before we can provide such figures.

What is the delay between the teacher speaking and the transcript being generated?

The delay is approximately between 300 and 500 milliseconds.

Streamline your accommodations

Now that Glean supports live captioning, you no longer need a separate tool alongside Glean. Instead, you can utilise Glean to help all of your students achieve their full potential.