It’s the modern learning skill most of us are missing

Hands up if you were taught how to take meaningful notes? Most of us aren’t — especially in a way that supports effective learning.

It’s deceptively hard to take useful notes, but a note taking process can help us all become better learners.

Introducing CORI

Our four-step process helps you to overcome information overload and extract all the value you need from class.



Focus in class on containing the information you need for later.

When we take notes there are three types of meaning we want to capture:
- Reaction - Does it strike you as important? Do you understand it?
- Response - What is it related to? What questions do you have?
- Record - Are there facts and figures? Sources to consider?
It’s hard to think about meaning, take notes, listen, and participate in the moment.

That’s why Glean captures audio so you can engage fully in class, react in the moment, and then return later to add meaning.


Easily navigate the information you’ve identified by categorising its potential value.

Being able to easily find and use gems of information is crucial for developing your understanding of what you found meaningful.

You may want to organise information in different ways:
- Important - What is important for you to understand?
- Review - What sparks more questions?
- Task - What do you need to do next? What is needed for assessment?

Glean gives you a suite of tools to help you organise multimedia information easily, from quick labels to smart storage.


Reduce information overload by refining your notes to only what matters.

Navigate your notes using your system of organisation to summarise and add detail to only the gems you’ve highlighted.

This is where note taking can have the biggest impact on your learning. You have the space to reflect on just the key parts and consider how it connects to what you already know.

Glean gives you the tools to refine at your own pace and retain only what you’ve identified as important.


Take what you’ve learned and integrate it into your studies.

You’ve done the hard work identifying gems of information and refining your understanding.

Now you need to actively use the knowledge you’ve gained from your notes.

Glean gets you started by helping you create resources you can use as you study.

Use CORI in Glean

Glean structures your note taking so you can become a more effective learner.