Building Glean as a force for good

At Glean, we're always looking for innovative ways to better serve educators across the globe. Our commitment to their success has been recognised time and again by national and global bodies, here we explore why we continue to be lauded as learning leaders.

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Author Katherine Threadgold
Building Glean as a force for good


The Glean team is packed full of curious people, constantly looking for better, faster, innovative ways to empower learners who are prevented from achieving more.

And we’ve always been trailblazers.

Back in 2007, we were the first to realise that audio-note taking was a far more accessible learning aid to capture and understand class content than grappling with reams of text.

Our patented technology has since evolved to encapsulate the deeper learning process. Glean is designed alongside educators and is used by students at over 1700 institutions globally to break down learning barriers and unleash students’ potential.

The world has changed a lot since 2007, 
but our focus on empowered, equitable learning definitely hasn’t. 

Our mission:

To make comprehending and retaining knowledge quicker and easier for everyone. 

Our big driver:

We’ll be relentless in  empowering millions with technology that’s accessible to all.

Our difference:

We’re reimagining effective learning design, embedding learning science and accessibility into how we think. 

And we love the impact we're making

It’s a weekly team highlight to hear students’ stories about how they’ve overcome challenges with Glean to have more confidence in their learning.

But we’ve also been galvanised by the recognition we’ve received from experts in Education and Tech too.

Uncompromising focus on learners

We’ve been recognised twice within a year for being an EdTech Company to Watch with single-minded leadership.

This is because of our learner-driven focus, for how we measure impact and then reinvest in our products, as well as our commitment to standardise how EdTech is designed to support education goals; working with companies like Goldstar Education to embed learning science research further into how we work.

Innovative learning design

Working with educators and learners throughout our design process has been key to Glean’s learning impact - even as far back as 2007. We know that learning is a process, not a single event, and we actively scaffold that journey so learning is more effective.

And it makes a real difference: Glean has been named the Best Student Study Solution by EdTech Digest three years in a row. 

Always accessible for all

Our roots are deep in assistive technology and the true equity that smart yet simple EdTech can achieve for those facing barriers in their learning.

We’re deeply passionate about ensuring accessibility is the bedrock of design so that students with or without a diagnosis for support can get the most of Glean from the get go.

By doing so, we can ensure even the missing 65% of students with disabilities - who don’t advocate for support - can still get the tools they need and deserve. And we’re determinedly reaching them, winning awards for our accelerated growth of customers internationally and as a company as a whole. 

A culture that values your skills

But we couldn’t put learners first without a team that gives their expertise so generously. There’s a real social conscience at the heart of Glean which is why we actively advocate for Tech for Good approaches in the workplace and zero-in on the work which will have the most impact. 

Interested in working for Glean?

At Team Glean, we're always on the lookout for talented people to join us.

To learn more about working with us, and to explore our latest opportunities, follow the link below.

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Time for a simpler, smarter note taking accommodation?

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