Presentation slides from a lecture will give your notes context and a neat structure to organize your recording. Here’s how you get them working with Glean.

Step 1: Get your slides ready

Your professor has just sent you the slides from last week’s lecture. Are these in PDF, PPT or PPTX format? Great, you’re ready to go! If they've been created in Keynote, you’ll need to convert them.

Get your slides ready

If you do need to convert them, there are plenty of ways to do so. One option is to upload the lecture slides to Google Slides, and then export from there as a PDF.


Step 2: Import slides into your Glean Event

Open your Glean Event for last week’s class.

Click on the options icon next above the Audio Stream pane, select ‘Import Slides’ and upload the lecture slides.

Import slides into your Glean Event

Now you have a visual aide to go alongside your audio and text notes!

Intro to Cryogenics

Step 3: Match up slides with audio

Now that your class slides are imported, you can start to structure your recording around them.

To match up slides with audio, select the relevant section of the recording in the audio pane. Click ‘Post Slide’ under the slide pane.

Match up slides with audio

You’ll see the audio and text panes now have ‘Slide 1’ as a Heading. You can rename this to the slide title or a summary of the main point from the section.


Repeat this process for each slide and you’ll have a nicely organized recording full of rich context. Not bad!

‘Umm… sorry, what?!’

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