When it comes to budgeting, we understand the immense pressure and stress that you and your department are facing, with the challenges of securing the necessary funds to provide the best learning experience for students with disabilities. 

When it comes to budgeting for digital accommodations, it's essential to have a well-crafted business case that highlights the benefits and potential outcomes for your students. 

In this free whitepaper, we outline how to go about building a business case for digital accommodations, with key areas including:

  • Establishing aims: Always keep the main goals in mind as you progress through your request.
  • Describing the problem: You need to find a way to succinctly describe the problem you’re wanting to solve before you reach out, as well as provide a little context.

  • Gathering evidence of ROI: Try to support your case for funds with evidence, where possible.

  • Demonstrate positive student outcomes: Highlighting exactly how the accommodation has previously supported students helps to set the scene for how much potential there is.

  • Contacting stakeholders: The first step is formally pursuing a budget request is to reach out to the right people.


Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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