Glean auto-syncs your notes to the Cloud to be used on any device. Here’s how it works.

Connected to Wi-Fi? Glean syncs automatically

If you’ve been using Glean Mobile, your notes will sync as soon as you have a Wi-Fi connection to be accessed later on your laptop.

Important note: To save space on your phone and avoid unnecessarily using up mobile data, Glean does not automatically download the audio for all your Events to your mobile.

If you would like to listen back to the audio recording of a class that you recorded on another device, simply hit ‘Download Audio’ and your recording will begin downloading.

While audio isn’t downloaded to your mobile automatically, your text notes will be.

Glean works both on and offline

Once you’ve logged into Glean you can access it whether you have an internet connection or not - just head to the site as normal and you’re good to go. Perfect for those out-of-the-way halls on campus.

"Umm… sorry, what?!"

Need more info? Visit our help center for full guides on all things Glean.

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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