Gain deeper understanding into your class with Insights

Assign video lessons to your students and follow their progress and viewing habits. It’s like you’re sitting with each student one-on-one.

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How it works

Insight modal screenshot

Assign a lesson in one click.

Insights turns any one of the 16,000+ lessons on Glean into an assignment for your students. In the click of a button, create a private link to share with your students.

Measure student engagement on one page.

You no longer have to be in the dark about your students. Insights identifies your class’ engagement down to the second with a live progress bar. Know when students rewatch parts of the lesson as the layers of their progress turn green.

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What your students see

Bite-sized instruction

Lessons on Glean are short enough for the attention span of today's students, yet long enough to cover an entire textbook topic.

Self-directed learning

Glean encourages students to watch alternative lessons on the same topic if they get stuck.

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Meet a few teachers using Insights

blended instruction

L. Cohen

8th grade teacher

“I’ve been using Insights to blend instruction in my classroom. I LOVE that Glean allows students to choose from dozens of alternate videos covering the same topic. Of course, hearing things more than once helps students learn a concept well, but hearing things more than once from a different teacher at a different pace using different forms of media, I feel, helps even more.”

flipped classroom

P. Vella

10th grade teacher

“Glean is the main tool I use in my flipped classroom. Insights allow me to see where my students get stuck and figure out what they need to work on. It’s like sitting one-on-one with all my students at the same time.”


L. Castillo

12th grade teacher

“I use video as part of my project-based learning with my students. Using video helps students visualize a concept that is otherwise difficult to grasp.”