Don't let visual details slip away: introducing Scribble by Glean

Discover how Scribble by Glean helps you capture visual details in real time. Learn how this tool enhances note taking for better learning and memory retention.

Clock 2 min read Calendar Published: 5 Jun 2024
Author David Nancekievill
Don't let visual details slip away: introducing Scribble by Glean


Ever been in a lecture, scrambling to keep up with complex equations and diagrams? You're trying to write everything down, swapping between your laptop and notepad, all while the professor is racing through the material. Later, when you review your notes, you find the connection between the words and visuals is lost.

This struggle is what inspired Scribble.

We saw many students, especially in STEM fields, facing a real challenge when capturing visual information like graphs, formulas, and diagrams. Text wasn't enough, they needed a way to capture those important equations and intricate sketches in real-time.

That's where Scribble comes in. Your digital notepad, ready whenever you need it.

Now you can seamlessly add handwritten notes to Glean, capturing every detail of your classes and study sessions all in one place.

Can I use Scribble?

Scribble is ideal for STEM students, but it isn't just for STEM students. While they'll definitely love capturing complex formulas, Scribble is available to all Glean users on desktop and mobile as part of our standard package*.

It's perfect for anyone who wants to go beyond typed notes.

Whether you're studying history, literature, or art, Scribble lets you express yourself in your own handwriting.

Why are Scribbles important?

Everything we do is powered by learning science. We know that learning isn’t just about capturing information; it's about engaging with the material on a deeper level.

Studies tell us that combining images and audio supercharges the value of your notes. This is because the brain processes the visual and verbal information differently, giving your notes double the sticking power.

Therefore, by combining visual and audio information with your timestamped Scribbles, you will be making it easier to remember those key parts of the lecture.

“People learn better from graphics and worlds than from words alone” - Mayer (2014)

When should I use Scribble?

Anytime you want to capture information in a way that makes sense to you. Whether you're in class, attending a lecture, or reviewing study materials, Scribble is your go-to tool for taking notes that truly stick.

Sounds great! How do I use it?

When you are ready to create a Scribble, simply click “Add Card” if you are working on mobile, or look for the Scribble icon on desktop.

Scribble Add Card

This will take you to a blank canvas for you to start capturing your notes.

Scribble Take Notes

When creating a Scribble, you’ll have a few different options for pens, pencils, highlighters and shapes. Here’s what each option means:

Scribble Overview Gif

Once your masterpiece is complete, simply click the arrow to send the Scribble to join your typed notes & timestamped audio.

Dive into Scribble and unleash your creativity like never before. Your brain will thank you later!

Happy Scribbling!

*With the exception of Glean Teams.

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