Paddy Heaton

Customer Marketing Manager




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At Glean

Paddy is the Customer Marketing Manager here at Glean. He works in the Marketing team:

  • Managing cross-channel marketing campaigns

  • Hosting Glean webinars

  • Leading the Customer Marketing team

Before Glean

Upon leaving university with an incredibly relevant and not at all useless degree in Classics, Paddy immediately decided never to study Ancient Greek again and began working for a church as a Worship Leader.

After 3 wonderful years of playing guitar for a job, Paddy turned his hand to Marketing at an international conference company, travelling regularly to the US to run events for founders of some of the world’s biggest software companies.

Paddy moved to Glean in March 2021, joining as Community & Event Lead before transitioning to Growth Marketing Manager in July 2023.

Outside Glean

Paddy is a keen musician and songwriter. In 2020 he began recording and producing music in his home studio. He’s now released 7 projects, comprising 36 original songs. He’s regularly involved in live recording projects with churches in Manchester, Leeds, and Cambridge.

Paddy lives in Manchester with his wife Ellie and son Caleb, who can sometimes be heard singing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ in the background of Glean webinars.

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Career Timeline

2014 - 2017: Holy Trinity Church Cambridge


2017 - 2021: Business of Software


2021 - Present: Glean


Specialist Skills

1. Having his luggage lost by an airline


2. Handing back to the studio


3. Writing mediaeval ballads about Llamas 

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Paddy's Key Abilities

Webinar hosting

Growth hacking

Project management

Event strategy