95% of students said using Glean helped improve how they learn.

Glean Grades Challenge Report, 2022

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Thousands of students at hundreds of colleges are using Glean to become confident learners, improve grades, and build lifelong skills.


How Glean creates successful learners

Why is classroom learning difficult?

Note taking forces learners to choose between trying to absorb class content and trying to capture as much info as possible. And it's impossible to do both. 

It's a split second decision that has a real impact on learning - a problem that all note takers face and we call it the note taker's dilemma. 
That’s why Glean is built around a learning process that solves the note taker’s dilemma and allows learners to build useful knowledge from class content. See how it works below…
note takers dilemma_hero-31

Building confident learners with Glean

Glean's inbuilt learning process, CORA, scaffolds the best way to capture and retain information from class.

Based on decades of learning research, it comes down to 4 simple steps: Capture, Organise, Refine & Apply.



Focus on class without missing any information



Manage time and knowledge to learn more effectively 



Revisit information and develop understanding



Actively use the knowledge in refined notes 

“I can't even begin to explain how Glean has played a significant part not only in helping my grades improve for the better, but also allowing me to learn, understand and retain the material better.“

Morgan - Student, Concordia University Wisconsin

Which Glean is right for you?

Glean comes in two packages, designed to support both individual learners and institutions looking to support students at scale.

The Glean Platform

The Glean Platform

Capture all of your classes, listen back at your own pace and create rich notes with our powerful note taking platform.

Glean for Education

Glean for Education

Our full package solution for institutions looking to increase academic success and support student learning at scale. 

90% of students using Glean say that it's helped them improve their grades

Glean Grades Challenge Report, 2022

Got any questions?

Are there any recording limits in Glean?

Nope! Students have the freedom to record as much audio as they like using Glean.

Is Glean easy to use?

Glean is specifically designed to be effortless for users. Typically, it takes just a couple of minutes for students to become independent.

What devices can Glean be used on?

Glean can be used on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks, and the mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices.

How does Glean protect student and faculty data?

The protection of our users data is very important to us at Glean. To find out more about how the data is safeguarded, please read our privacy policy and customer data security policy.

If you would like to see our HECVAT document and SOC2 Type I report please email legal@glean.co.

How does transcription work in Glean?

Students can convert their audio recordings to text after class straight from the app. You can find more information about Transcription here.

88% of students find studying less stressful with Glean

Glean Grades Challenge Report, 2022

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