Our goal of empowering one million learners with independent note taking drives everything we do.

But to really deliver on this goal, we knew we needed to solve a few common problems learners have with note taking.

  • It’s hard to listen, write and absorb information at the same time
  • There’s too much information to get down
  • Handwriting notes is inefficient…
  • … and simply typing notes can be distracting

We conduct regular interviews with Glean users. We’ve compiled a few highlights from these calls in the video below.

“I feel like it’s something every student should have.”

- Hannah, University of Lynchburg

These students were first introduced to Glean while we were preparing its launch across North America. We wanted to know how the app was affecting their learning. Pretty soon, it became clear that Glean was having a considerable impact on their ability to take effective notes independently, and was making a real difference in the classroom.

It was simple to use. It captured everything needed from class. It built study skills and eased the stress of information overload.

We were excited to hear directly from students about their experiences with the app. But we weren’t surprised with the feedback. Glean was designed to be picked up and used effectively from the word ‘go’.

“I got the hang of it the first time I used it.”

- Sam, NYU

Glean cuts out the multi-step onboarding, in-depth training sessions and steep learning curves of other tech tools. Instead, students feel ready to engage with their classes using a tool that feels effortless within a few minutes.

And the results speak for themselves.

“Before I started using Glean I was a C- student. When I got access to Glean, my grades dramatically improved… I’m now an A student!”

- Natalie, Carleton University

Glean & Blended Learning

Moving forward, it’s clear that many institutions are looking to develop a more flexible approach to learning that makes the best of synchronous and asynchronous formats.

Glean was designed to work equally well in person and online, giving your students an adaptable tool they can use wherever they’re taking or reviewing notes.

The challenges of remote learning

Distractions, frustrations, screens (and more screens)

Students told us about the challenges they faced when campuses closed in 2020. With only a few days' notice, they found themselves at home, dialling into classes on laptops and tablets, trying to ignore the many distractions around them.

Suddenly, learning was a whole other ball-game.

“I know that I have to work much harder with online classes than regular classes.”

- Daniella, Cypress College

Being away from traditional learning environments meant struggling against passivity, something that makes effective learning difficult.

To be working effectively online, you need to be engaged. For this reason, note taking took on an even greater importance than before.

Great note taking made easy

Glean’s ability to record directly from video sources made it the perfect companion for online classes. With its simple, effective note taking process, it also helped students who previously relied on peer note takers to take their own notes for the first time.

Hear our Glean & Blended Learning stories below!

“Glean has been a god-send for me!”

- Sean, Oregon State University

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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