The Oxford Brookes law student


This student's usual way of taking notes was to try and write everything down verbatim. Unfortunately, they quickly realised that approach was almost impossible when taking a law degree.

Lecturers would often fly through content in order to cover all the material. For this student struggling with dyslexia, that speed presented a huge obstacle that Glean was able to help overcome.

"Having this software actually helped me with my lectures to, you know, have this peace of mind that I can follow the lectures without having to worry that I missed something."

But it wasn't just the speed of the content delivery that Glean helped, there was another advantage to having all the content recorded.

"Since I've started using it, it helped me in the course when, for example, I needed to consolidate my knowledge, review what's being said... Since you introduced the transcript function, that was a game changer for me!"

The transcription feature allowed this student to be able to go back and review what was being said in order to consolidate their knowledge and ensure that any key information wasn't missed.

This review step is a key part of the learning process, but the playback speed feature within Glean helped to make that process even more efficient.

"If someone did an hour seminar, then you would listen to it again in 30 minutes or 45 minutes, which is still time gained when you are a slower person affected by a learning disability."

Why this student recommends Glean

  • The ability to add PowerPoint slides and the flexibility of Glean meant they were able to adjust Glean to fit what they needed.
  • The transcription tool meant they had the peace of mind that no important details would be missed and they could go back and review past lectures if the lecturer was going through the content too quickly.
  • The ability to speed up audio also meant you could review past material quickly when needed.

How this student has overcome her challenges with Glean

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