Sue, the Glean recommender

Sue noticed a common problem, that students were struggling to concentrate and process information in class, that’s why she recommends Glean.

Sue is an AT trainer and DSA needs assessor. She needed a tool that would help students focus and concentrate on being present in their classes, asking questions and learning rather than having to worry about taking notes and missing key information.

Students needed a way to capture their classes and add to their notes.

“When you have short term memory to try and remember what's gone past or trying to write that down at the same time can be very difficult...So having those recordings, to be able to come back to those recordings again are incredibly useful.”

Why Sue recommends Glean

  • Students have recordings that they can revisit and add more details to what they’ve heard in their classes. 
  • Transcripts reduce pressure for learners as they’re not juggling what they've heard and trying to take notes at the same time.
  • Students know they can play back sections and they can annotate those sections as important so nothing is missed.

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Why Sue thinks Glean is so popular with learners



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