How many Disability Support professionals does it take to provide effective note taking accommodations? That’s not the set up for a punchline, but the question at the heart of Missouri State’s efforts to improve notetaking support. Twon Madison shares his team’s journey to find a universal solution that gave all students learning independence.

Delays in providing note taking support

For Missouri State University, eliminating obstacles to providing support for students was a priority. Getting a note taking accommodation was a complex process but the goal was simple: empower students with an equitable learning experience.

Twon wanted to address three areas of notetaking support:

  • The steps required for students to get access to note taking accommodations quickly.
  • The ease of training for students not used to using technology or taking notes independently.
  • The skills that students needed to engage in class and overcome attention fatigue.

"We’re getting students set up immediately. Then we can teach Glean to anyone. It’s so easy."

Glean’s Note Taking Solution

So, how did Glean’s complete note taking solution solve Missouri State’s problem?

  • Twon and his team could give students access to Glean immediately and monitor their progress on Glean Admin.
  • Glean’s training resources make it easy for the team to implement and differentiate support depending on the student’s learning needs.
  • Students followed Glean’s four-step method for notetaking to learn how to take notes independently regardless of their ability.

"Every student should get Glean. It’s a game changer."

Focus on #NoteTakingNotNotes

Take the lead from Twon and the team at Missouri State and focus on how technology can improve the learning and support experience.

Missouri State is a public university and the second largest student body in the state, with over 23,000 students across four campuses. The Disability Resource Center has a team of seven and champions Universal Design for Learning with all learners and educators.

"We saw Glean as a chance to overcome the hurdle of having so many different notetaking accommodations."

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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