Shelby, the mobile app user

Shelby was faced with a common problem, although some of her lectures were recorded, they were not always uploaded by the professors and even when the lectures were uploaded, the quality of the audio was poor.

Also, with having Tourette’s, there were some occasions when Shelby could not concentrate on what was being said during lectures and had a slower processing/writing speed.

She needed a tool that would allow her to record classes and go through each section at a time when she was able to concentrate instead of having to go through the full recording and where Glean comes in! 

“I can feel comfortable, knowing that I'm not going to miss out on any information because Glean is capturing it all”.

Why Shelby recommends Glean:

  • Glean allows Shelby to go back over notes in her own time, corresponding with what the professor was saying at the time with that specific slide, which she’s able to import into Glean.
  • Shelby is confident that information is not going to be missed because Glean is capturing the lectures. 
  • Glean can be used offline which is really important for Shelby as the internet isn’t always the best when it comes to remote learning.

Hear from Shelby:

Hear what Shelby likes about the Glean mobile app:

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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