Looking to propel your note taking support into the 21st century? Lauren at Marquette University wanted just that with a forward-thinking, technology-first approach. Glean proved to be the solution to Marquette University’s long-term problem: how to replace peer notetakers and increase learning independence without piling on administrative burden.

Glean’s Note Taking Solution

So, how did Glean’s complete note taking solution solve Marquette’s problem?

  • Using real-time usage insight in Glean Admin allows Lauren’s team to prioritize their time for 1-2-1 student support and utilize Glean effectively.
  • Glean’s training resources make it easy for the team to implement and differentiate support depending on the student’s learning needs.
  • Students like Perry are no longer passive in their note taking process and are more engaged in class.

"Glean allowed us to take peer notetakers out of the equation."

Focus on #NoteTakingNotNotes

Take the lead from Lauren and the team at Marquette and replace peer notetakers with a complete note taking solution.

Marquette University is the largest private Higher Education institution in Wisconsin, with a student body of 12000. The Office for Disability Services is a team of 4 who support over 650 students, a large proportion requiring note taking support.

"Students using Glean are in charge of their learning and become independent notetakers."

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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