Kit, the AT trainer


Kit can understand the common problems that occurred when students were trying to take notes in lectures before discovering Glean, being in a similar situation when they were a student.

When Kit attempted to take notes in lectures, screenshots of the PowerPoint were taken and it was a case of copying and pasting parts of the slides over to avoid typing out all the information again. 

As an AT trainer, Kit knows that this can be distracting for learners and wastes valuable time as the end result is a Word document with slides pasted on there with a line of notes.

Kit needed a software that allowed notes to be added in a way that also showed the presentation at the same time and with Glean, the fact that notes and the slides were on the same screen rather than having to scroll on a document, made a huge difference. 

“If you're in a lecture and you realise you don't know what's been being talked about…you can mark that section of the recording and you can literally come back, click it and listen to it again later.”

Why Kit recommends Glean:

  • Students can really focus on the lectures and not have to worry about having to get down all the information and getting distracted by taking notes because everything is getting captured. 
  • Collections feature allows students to create different folders for different modules/topics and it’s really easy to add tasks and due dates using the tasks feature. These features allow students to be organised. 
  • You can give yourself visual reminders and information is not lost forever.

Hear from Kit:

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