From paper notes to note taking pro!

Hannah, currently a teaching student but previously completed an ancient history degree, was recommended Glean through the DSA because of her dyslexia. Prior to being provided with Glean she was relying on handwritten notes which she would then type out. The big issue this caused during her ancient history degree was that the visual content was so important but there was no way to include this in her notes.

Glean not only meant she didn't need to waste time typing up handwritten notes but it also meant she could capture the visual content from the lecture as well as importing the slides so she had a rich set of multimedia notes.

"Compared to how I first started at uni, making notes and putting things round, it was basically life-changing. I know some of my other friends had different software that you could upload bits and it kind of did it but it wasn't as good as Glean."

Hannah also highlights how helpful importing the presentation slides were as it meant she didn't need to keep switching between looking up at the board and back to her notes. Instead she could go through the slides in Glean, fully focus on listening to the content but also being able to go back to past slides if she missed anything. She found that most of her lecturers included a lot of text in their slides so the ability to pull that text into her notes automatically was a huge help for her.

"So it means I can make notes at the click of a button, and then just be able to listen and engage instead of needing to distract myself."

Why Hannah recommends Glean

  • Adding the powerpoint slides ahead of time meant Hannah didn't even need to look at the board, she could be fully engaged in the lecture content.
  • Take notes with the click of button by taking the text directly from the lectures slides meaning she can just listen and engage in the lecture.
  • Card organiser, labels and headings allow Hannah to easily organise and structure her notes in a meaningful way.

Hear from Hannah directly:


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