If you’re staying on top of the big trends in Education, then UDL should definitely be on your radar. Amanda at University of Memphis wanted to overhaul notetaking accommodations to embed accessibility into the learning experience for all students. For the University of Memphis, Glean is the solution that ties into your UDL agenda.

Peer notes were unreliable and low quality

When it comes to note taking accommodations, the enemy of a Universal Design for Learning approach is peer notetakers. They encourage students to be dependent on others and make note taking an exclusive skill.

Amanda’s team set out to find an alternative solution that would help them to:

  • Provide a reliable solution, with no delays in provision and high quality notes.
  • Support the development of students’ note taking skills regardless of their ability.
  • Implement technology easily with few administrative tasks.

"All students would benefit from the ability to interact with their class lectures in a more dynamic way."

Glean’s Note Taking Solution

So, how did Glean’s complete note taking solution solve UoM’s problem?

  • Glean is an easy yet powerful tool that can be used with online and in-person classes.
  • Glean’s training resources make it easy for the team to implement and differentiate support depending on the student’s learning needs.
  • Students followed Glean’s four-step method for notetaking to learn how to take notes independently regardless of their ability.

"The level of independence that Glean provides students is incomparable, no other note taking tool matches it."

Focus on #NoteTakingNotNotes

Take the lead from Amanda and the team at University of Memphis and choose a solution that enhances your UDL approach.

University of Memphis is a public research university serving over 22,000 students in Tennessee. The Disability Resources department is a team of 5 and is focused on using assistive technology as tools of access, personal empowerment and independence in the college setting.

"Glean increases student self-efficacy because they’re becoming better note takers and learners."

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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