From student success to AT advocate

Ewan, a learning support assistant and assistive technology trainer at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David's, is in the perfect position to train students to use Glean to improve their note taking. He can relate to their struggles firsthand having used Glean himself and is fully aware of the impact Glean can have, crediting Glean's note taking features with improving his own studies.

"I think because of the improved notes I was then producing, they actually led me to do better in the assignments, the presentations, exams."

Ewan also highlights Glean's accessibility. With both a desktop and mobile app, students can learn anywhere, anytime. This is particularly valuable for students who may find focus challenging or require adjustments to their learning environment.

"Especially now, with so many people using phones for everyday tasks. I think having that ability to be flexible in where you work, you haven't got to take your laptop anywhere. So yeah, I think that's really, really positive"

Finally, Ewan highlights Glean's built-in task management features. These help students stay organised and meet deadlines, a common hurdle for those with learning difficulties.

If it isn't on the calendar or if it isn't on a tick list, I know that it is incorporated into Glean anyway. I think that has really helped with the time management sides of things, they can tick the tasks off and have progress checks as well."

Ewan's experience showcases how Glean empowers students with note taking challenges by providing effective note taking, flexible access to their learning resources, and tools to manage their workload.

Why Ewan recommends Glean

  • As a result of Glean, Ewan's improved notes led him to get better grades.
  • By offering desktop and mobile apps, Glean provides flexibility for students to learn anywhere.
  • Built-in task management features like to-do lists and tasks help students stay organised and meet deadlines.

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