Ella, the well-prepared reader


Ella struggled with retaining auditory information throughout her secondary school and A levels. Following a recent autism diagnosis, she was allocated Glean through the DSA which has helped her engage in her classes. 

"I find it so much easier to read than to listen. It just goes in one ear, out the other. It's the transcript part of Glean that's great because I don't have to listen to it. I can read it, which is so much easier."

Ella found the transcription tool helpful to be able to read through the content rather than listen, but also for finding key pieces of information much quicker and easier rather than needing to listen back through an entire recording. She felt like she could go into her first class with Glean feeling well-prepared.

"I see my friends who don't have access to [Glean], struggling with using Word documents and things like that. And they just go: "oh, Ella, your notes are always so great." And I'm like, "yeah, it's Glean. That's what it is."

Why Ella recommends Glean

  • She can read the transcript rather than listen to the audio which suits her study style much better.
  • It made note taking so much easier.
  • It's intuitive, it only took Ella about an hour to feel comfortable using all the features within Glean.

How Ella has overcome her challenges with Glean

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