Amy, the AT trainer


Amy is an AT trainer primarily working with disabled and neurodiverse students. She recommends Glean to students as a way of avoiding distractions while adding to their notes. Her students told her they love using the definition feature within Glean as they can stay on the software rather than getting sucked into a Wikipedia black hole!

Students also needed a way to revise and study their notes without having much time:

“Instead of it being a task that takes them two to four hours, it becomes a smaller task because you can listen to it faster, edit in a slightly more efficient way and split it up into smaller parts. [The students may think] "I can't sit down and spend an hour today going over my lecture notes", but most people can find 10-15 minutes.”

Why Amy recommends Glean

  • The features within Glean mean you can stay in the software which helps reduce distractions. 
  • The focus timer makes it easier for students with time blindness to visualise the time they need to spend reviewing their notes.
  • Students can break down what could be an intimidating task of going through hours of lectures notes into smaller 10-15 minute chunks using the features within Glean.

Why Glean is a 'catch-all' solution for students

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