Amir, the independent note taker


During his first year of studying Law, Amir struggled to keep on top of course content and studying for upcoming tests and exams. Being dyslexic also added additional stress, but that all changed when he discovered Glean. 

"I have been using Glean for every single lecture, seminar workshop and online class to keep track of everything."

Amir has been using Glean since the second year of his undergraduate degree and found that going back and listening to recordings made studying a lot easier. 

Why Amir recommends Glean

  • You don't have to worry about lecturers speaking too quickly and potentially missing relevant information.
  • The transcript feature is also helpful because even if specific notes were not taken, the transcript can highlight that part of the lecture. 
  • Lectures can be captured and listened back to at a time that's convenient which makes retaining key points a lot easier.

How Amir improved his grades

Live demo from Amir about how Glean helped him prepare for exams

Empower learners of all abilities

Empower learners of all abilities

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