From distraction to distinction

Alex felt like her late-diagnosed autism wasn't really noticeable until she started university, where she quickly found traditional lectures overwhelming. The bustling environment and fast-paced delivery made it nearly impossible to focus and take effective notes.

"I would go to lectures and I just would have such a hard time writing anything down because I would get distracted so easily."

Feeling defeated, Alex resorted to skipping lectures altogether, relying solely on recorded sessions.

"I just stopped going to lectures, I just watched the recordings instead because I was like, I can't do anything. It's a waste of my time at this point because I'm not taking anything down."

But Glean cut through the overload and empowered Alex to return to the lecture hall. Glean's structured format helped Alex organise her notes more effectively, pairing lecture slides with a dedicated text area for capturing her thoughts and summaries. This clear structure made it easier for her to review and condense information, ensuring she didn't miss any crucial details.

The ability to revisit recordings also meant Alex could catch anything she might have missed during the lecture itself, further solidifying her understanding of the material. Glean became an invaluable tool for both attending lectures and reviewing any content she found confusing.

"It has improved my grades in the way that it's so easy to refer back to things."

Overall, Alex felt like her newfound focus and ability to review lecture material at her own pace and revisit flagged sections improved her grades. Not only that though, Glean helped Alex beat the overwhelm and gain the confidence to attend her lectures again!


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