Assessor Toolkit

Some useful resources to help you demonstrate and recommend Glean to students.

Justifications Guide

Product Slideshow

Compatibility Guide

Free Licences and Training

Guidance for recommending Glean in reports.
A slideshow showing the key features in Glean.
Details about system requirements to use Glean.
Request a training session or free access to Glean.

Latest Updates: Transcription is here!

This powerful new feature is fully integrated into the note taking experience of Glean and comes as standard with Glean for DSA students.

Watch this webinar recording to learn more about this new transcription feature and its benefits to the note taking experience.


Training Webinars

We offer a range of live and recorded webinars to help you become confident using Glean.
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        Basic         (Part 1)

  Advanced  (Part 2)

 Complete  (Parts 1 & 2)

Accreditation Quiz

A 45-minute session covering our essential features.
A 45-minute session covering our additional features.
A 90-minute session covering the full range of features.
A live interactive session or a  self-paced quiz.

Additional Resources

Links to the Glean skills portal, help centre and user guides.

Skills Portal

The Glean Skills Portal is collection of short how-to videos.

Help Centre

Our Help Centre contains a range of useful support articles and FAQ's.

User Guides

Text and image based guides to our 4-step note taking process.