Saving Costs and Elevating Inclusivity: The Glean Solution for Disability Services

By providing innovative learning tools for students to access, Colleges can stand above the rest as an institution that puts student outcomes first.

Clock 2 min read Calendar Published: 20 Oct 2023
Author James Knight
Saving Costs and Elevating Inclusivity: The Glean Solution for Disability Services


Disability Services departments play a pivotal role in ensuring students' equitable access to education. Yet colleges all over the world face two huge challenges in making equity a reality. Inflation and budget cuts are rife across the industry, whilst an impending enrollment cliff will force Colleges to think differently about how they maintain their current student population levels.

By providing innovative learning tools for students, Colleges can stand above the rest as an institution that puts student outcomes first.

Reduced Note-Taker Expenses

Traditional accommodations often necessitate hiring note-takers, which can become a significant financial burden for institutions. Glean removes the need for notetakers, whilst promoting student independence and improving outcomes, leading to cost savings of up to $30k according to Concordia University in Wisconsin.

Efficient Transcription Services

Transcription and Captions services have traditionally taken up huge percentages of Disability Departments budgets, whereas Glean's automated transcription and all-new live captions services provides a compelling, affordable solution. Glean streamlines the process, reducing both time and money spent on manual transcription, whilst simplifying the learning process for students, keeping learning in one place.

Enhanced Student Engagement

Glean fosters active learning and engagement, enhancing the educational outcomes for students, with grades increasing by an average of 20%. By encouraging active learning, institutions can also improve student retention, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

Data-Driven Resource Allocation

Glean's admin platform empowers Disability Services departments to access valuable insight into students actively using learning technology. By tracking this, institutions can be proactive in their support, and use Glean as an early warning indicator of students that may need extra support. 


Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Glean actively promotes Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, ensuring that the benefits of accessibility extend to a broader student population. These UDL strategies allow institutions to utilize often stretched resources more effectively across the board.

Customized Budget-Friendly Solutions

Glean offers tailored plans to accommodate diverse budgetary needs. Whether you prefer full access to all features or a personalized solution, Glean will work with you to help your students. Glean works with over 670 institutions ranging from small community colleges, up to the largest State Colleges in the USA. 

A Thrifty Step Towards Inclusive Education

With the growing importance of inclusivity in education, Disability Services departments are under increasing pressure to offer high-quality support within financial constraints. By reducing note-taker expenses, streamlining transcriptions, and fostering Universal Design principles, Glean redefines the landscape of budget-friendly accommodations. Investing in Glean isn't solely about meeting ADA compliance regulations, it's a strategic step toward securing the financial sustainability of Disability Services while delivering an inclusive education for all.

The combination of Glean's cost-saving capabilities and commitment to inclusivity represents a significant advancement in the field of Disability Services. By embracing this innovative technology, institutions can not only meet their budgetary goals but also elevate their commitment to providing accessible and equitable education.

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Time for a simpler, smarter note taking accommodation?

Time for a simpler, smarter note taking accommodation?

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