Glean’s Recruitment Process & FAQs

Have you secured an interview with us? Or maybe you’re considering a career at Glean? Here we explore what you can expect in our recruitment process.

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Author Jacob Goodwin
Glean’s Recruitment Process & FAQs


Have you secured an interview with us? Or maybe you’re considering a career at Glean? We thought it might be useful to have some insight into what our recruitment process looks like and what to expect along the way. Whether you love interviews, or find them completely overwhelming, we understand it helps to feel prepared. 

🔎 What do we look for in every hire?

Above all we’re looking for someone who champions our values;

🤍 Trust is foundational: communication, integrity and holding ourselves accountable for both triumphs and setbacks. 

🤍 Growth is a mindset: embracing a culture of constant learning and coming together to overcome obstacles.

🤍 The journey is best enjoyed together: we cultivate meaningful connections to ignite fun and creativity together.

👉 Interview stages

These are some, or all, of the stages you can expect during your interview process with Glean. Senior Management, Executive level and Engineering roles will follow a slightly different format so if you’re interviewing for a position in one of those areas we’ll be in touch with further information.  


This includes sharing your CV with us and answering a few application questions. The current format requires written responses however we appreciate this won’t suit everyone so if you would find it helpful to provide your answers in a different format please feel free to let us know. 

Screening Interview

At this stage we will arrange a 30 minute video interview between you and someone in our Recruitment team. 

We’re keen to know more about your motivations, gain some insight into your recent experience, as well as covering a couple of competency questions. We’ll also ask the important questions like salary and notice period, so it’s worth having a think about these and your expectations before you meet with us. 

First stage competency Interview

This is a one hour interview with the hiring manager and another Gleanster (we’ll confirm who this is when we ask for your interview availability). 

The interviewers will be looking to gain a deeper understanding of your experience and will do this by asking some CV specific questions, as well as competency based questions. 

To prepare for the interview we advise taking another look at the job description and having a think about any examples you could give to demonstrate your experience in these areas, but don’t worry if you haven’t done it all!

Final stage

The final stage consists of a one hour Culture & Values interview, which is based around Glean’s values so we’d advise taking a look at these, to help you prepare. You can find them on our careers page here.

We will also ask you to complete a 30 minute task. The format of this will vary depending on the role however we’ll share plenty of information around what to expect and how to prepare, when we invite you to this stage.

Anything else?

Some roles may require an additional interview stage, however we decide on this before the recruitment process begins, so we’ll tell you at the start of your interview journey with us to give you plenty of notice. 

👨‍💻 Engineering recruitment process

Our Engineering recruitment process works a little differently, so we’ve included some insight into this here. Why not take a look at some of the brilliant work the team does and their application process.

💬 When will I receive feedback?

You can expect hear back from us within one week after submitting your application and within three working days following your interview.

🤗 Do you offer reasonable adjustments?

Absolutely! This could be for anyone with, for example, visible or non-visible disabilities, as well as undiagnosed conditions. Please do let us know if you would like any reasonable adjustments to be made ahead of your interview, such as extra time to complete a test. We’ll work with you to ensure your interview experience is as comfortable as possible. 

💡 Any interview tips and guidance?

➡️ You’re welcome to bring your CV, notes or anything else with you that you might like to refer to during your interview. We want to get to know you and learn more about what you can bring to Glean, interviews shouldn’t be a memory test! 

➡️ Read the job description. Be familiar with what the role entails as this will go a long way in helping you prepare for the questions we may ask you at interview. Have a think about where your strengths lie and any gaps.

➡️ Prepare some questions in advance to ask during your interview. The interview is a two way process so it’s important you ask enough questions to understand whether the role and a career at Glean are right for you. Asking insightful questions also helps to show your curiosity and interest in the role. 

➡️ Do your research into Glean. We like to hear that you know who we are and what we’re about. It’s really important to us that anyone joining Glean is genuinely enthusiastic about our mission. Here are a couple of links to help you learn more:

About us: Learn about the people behind our software | Glean

The personal study tool to create learning resources | Glean

Visit our careers page
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