Introducing Definition Cards

Clear up the confusion when new concepts arise in class with our latest feature release.

Clock 1 min read Calendar Published: 14 Oct 2021
Author Sam Hockley
Introducing Definition Cards

Ever come across a term you don’t fully understand during a lecture? Definition Cards are here to help. Introducing Definition Cards

How does it work?

Definition Cards enable you to quickly find and store an explanation for a new concept that arises during a class or study session. These cards generate a short overview from Wikipedia that is saved into your notes feed and helps to develop your understanding.

Whether you’re recording a class or reviewing your notes, creating a Definition Card is quick and easy!

  1. Click the new Definition Card icon, found next to the quick labels. Alternatively, you can also use the /define or ALT + W shortcuts.
  2. Enter the term you wish to find a definition for.
  3. Sometimes, there might be multiple pages covering the same phrase. If this happens, simply select the most relevant article from the drop down list.
  4. That’s all there is to it - your definition will be added to your feed!
Introducing Definition Cards

How does this help my learning?

Definition Cards are a very helpful addition to the learning process:

  • Stay engaged: Find and save additional context from within Glean, ensuring you stay focused on your notes throughout your class or study session.
  • Save time: The process is quick and easy, eliminating the manual steps that would previously be required when looking up a definition.
  • Supports learning: Build out detailed notes using different types of media to fully support your understanding of a subject.
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